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Engraving Decor

Nowadays there is a huge selection of all varieties of materials for construction and decor. Wood and natural stone, ceramic tiles, glass and many other materials are all often used in interior, as well as exterior, decorating. With the help of laser engraving, the customer can coordinate different materials and details of design into one single architectural ensemble, giving the room an air of integrity or the opposite; center out and highlight certain details. Continue reading

Engraving Lasts Forever

Engraving – is a technique with the help of which you can cleave designs, pictures, inscriptions and other images on the surface of objects made from stone, metal or glass. Engraving is one of the most ancient methods of designing objects, with every millennium technology has perfected: first pictures were cut out by blade or with the help of a milling machine, and then burned out with acid. Continue reading

Laser Engraving How To…

A Laser Engraveing uses a laser beam as the engraving tool to mark the surface of a part by either removing a thin layer of the material (by vaporizing the material) or by causing the surface of the material to fracture. On some materials secondary marking effects are caused by the heat of the light beam and may include toasting / charring or melting of the material.  As the laser engraving process does not use a mechanical cutter and the laser can be focused to a point only Continue reading

Laser Cutting How To …

A Laser cutting is a computer controlled machine process that uses a focused laser beam as the cutting tool and cuts by vaporizing the material being cut.
As the laser cutting process does not use a mechanical cutter and the laser can be focused to a point only 0.001″ across it can cut materials and detailed parts that would be impractical to cut using any other process. Laser cutting provides very clean cut, super fine edge surface which eliminates post cutting  refinement