Engraving Decor

Nowadays there is a huge selection of all varieties of materials for construction and decor. Wood and natural stone, ceramic tiles, glass and many other materials are all often used in interior, as well as exterior, decorating. With the help of laser engraving, the customer can coordinate different materials and details of design into one single architectural ensemble, giving the room an air of integrity or the opposite; center out and highlight certain details.
You can engrave tiles and then cover the walls and floors with them for decoration. Engraved glass—for example, French doors—has a characteristic about it that is unforgettable and is made more so with the use of back light.

Sharp lines or daedal ornaments in an Eastern style, images chosen by the clients, or the most well-known pieces of artwork by the great masters, with the aid of laser engraving, can revive the architecture of your home or office. Any surface can become a stylish element in a greater design or a separate exponent on its own.

Using LaserTile and LaserGlass opens a door to endless possibilities for creating even the boldest ideas. On this tile you can engrave any design or image of photographic quality without harming the surface. LaserTiles can be used as decorative inserts in the wall or many can be put together as a panel that covers a part of the wall or floor. What makes this material unique is that when hit with a laser beam the image forms underneath the clear protective surface and does not harm the top layer, which makes this material irreplaceable in the redoing of floors, kitchens, bathrooms etc.


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