Engraving Lasts Forever

Engraving – is a technique with the help of which you can cleave designs, pictures, inscriptions and other images on the surface of objects made from stone, metal or glass. Engraving is one of the most ancient methods of designing objects, with every millennium technology has perfected: first pictures were cut out by blade or with the help of a milling machine, and then burned out with acid.

In the past

The symbols that ancient peoples carved out on stones are considered the ancestors of engraving. Later on engraving became a means of decorating crockery and silver and gold wares. It was highly revered to be in possession of a ring or pendant on the underside of which was an inscription or pattern. At the end of the XVIII century, because of the French Revolution, engraving experienced a rebirth. The Guilloche technique appeared, when an image was cut out by lathe instead of by hand.  During the XIX-XX century techniques of engraving reached its peak of technological growth, laser engraving was invented. With laser engraving the image is made with the help of a laser beam which removes the top layer from the surface of the object. This technology does not soil the surface therefore laser engraving fits such materials like cardboard, leather, wood, steel, paper, aluminum, glass and crystal. With a laser you can even engrave painted articles and anything with a glossy finish.


Laser engraving is completely automatic and computerized which allows you to apply even the most complex images and inscriptions onto any surface. An image can now consist of several digital pictures. Very often laser engraving is used in the making of signs. Signs can be all different sizes, colors and from various different materials. You can engrave any inscription, picture or logo on a sign or nameplate.

Laser engraving possesses many advantages in comparison to other ways of engraving; therefore the majority of orders are for masters of laser engraving. A laser beam has high accuracy, the use of which allows for very detailed formatting of the picture, both in black and white and color. Laser engraving is safe for the environment and it does not harm the surface of the object on which you are engraving an image. These qualities greatly help in the making of advertising cards, where time and quality are highly important in the carrying out of the order.

The process

The process of laser engraving does not consume a lot of time; an image is modeled on the computer and gives signals to the laser machine. The high speed of laser engraving allows for the manufacturing of large amounts of images in a short time.

When coming into the workshop where the laser engraving is carried out you can choose the image and the initial object which you wish to engrave from a large selection of samples and templates. The master can help you decide and offer the optimal picture or inscription. With the help of laser engraving you can format not only office plates but also cell phones, digital cameras, lighters and other such items. You can decorate a present with an original inscription or picture and give a card made from metal.