Laser Cutting

Toronto Laser Cutting on WoodArtline Engraving Design is a laser cutting and engraving job-shop utilizing the latest state-of-the-art laser systems. Our machines are easy to set up and operate, producing parts directly from your original digital art files.

As the laser cutting process does not use a mechanical cutter and the laser beam can be focused to a point only 0.005″ across it can cut materials and detailed parts that would be impractical to cut using any other process. Because the process is non-contact, the sequence of cutting is usually not critical and the parts do not need to be clamped in place. Multiple processes, such as Laser Cutting and Laser Engraving, can be combined and run together. With no setup or tooling costs, you will have faster turn around, lower costs and high quality finished parts or products.

Laser Cutting Acrylic Letters SignageDifferent materials react differently when they are laser cut. In general organic materials (wood, wood composites, and leather) have a darker edge when cut. We produce finished edges on most plastics and heat-sealed edges on a fabric and have total flexibility and speed unmatched by other cutting methods.
We provide samples of standard materials and test cut your custom materials upon request.
We accept vector format files such as: (CDR, DXF; DWG, EPS; PDF, AI)

If you have any questions about having a part laser cut, please contact us.


Laser cut parts : up to 24″ X 48″ Thickness: up to 0.75″ THK


  • Acrylic
  • Rowmark, IPI stock plastic 
  • Polypropylene
  • Styrene
  • Polyester
  • Cardboadr, Paper
  • Rubber
  • Laminates
  • Delrin 
  • Foam,
  • Wood,
  • Fabric, Denim, Plyester
  • Leather
  • Plywood and MDF


Due to the incredible versatility of this process and the range of materials that can be processed the following list is not all-inclusive but rather a sample of what can be done with laser cutting.

  • Plastic / Acrylic – letters, stencils, plaques, rulers, templates, toys, awards, craft parts, boxes, etc.
  • Fabric – letters, appliques, patches, ribbons, buttonholes, cut outs, decorations, craft parts, etc.
  • Foam plastic / rubber – stamps, protective bases, gaskets, decorations, toys, etc.
  • Leather – pockets, patches, craft components, key fobs, wallets, purses, knife sheaths, containers, bracelets, decorations, etc.
  • Paper – cut outs, scrap booking, crafts, gaskets, decorations, presentation bags, fold up shapes, etc.
  • Polyester and Mylar – stencils, templates, and patterns, resist film, covering, decorations, packaging, etc
  • Wood – models, letters, puzzles, grills, fret work, scrollwork, decorative accents, craft parts, robot parts, clocks, templates, boxes, toys, inlays, ornaments, signs, etc.

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