Metal Marking: CerMarks & Thermarks

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cermark3There are several materials and techniques available on the market which are commonly used for marking metals. The most common of those are the CerMark LMM6000 and TherMark LMM14. There are some differences between those two materials as well as several other coatings that may work better for certain applications. We offer many and varied metal marking materials and techniques for different purposes.

Our approach is to assess the client’s needs, define the project’s goals and identify the best method of metal marking we have available for your specific project. Here is a brief explanation on TherMark and CerMark methods:

TherMark Technology applications are permanent, chemically resistant to solvents, acids and bases. They have high abrasion resistance qualities and can withstand temperatures above 1800F as well as extended exposure to UV light and moisture.

Using the TherMark method is capable of producing a high resolution print which allows to easily create barcodes, logos and fine text. A variety of colors can be used to achieve a vivid and vibrant results. It is a high contrast, flexible medium, which allows to easily introduce changes to a design, introducing variable data and personalization.

During application it bonds to surface with minimal thermal energy using an inexpensive CO2 laser, and can be successfully applied to plated materials without penetrating the surface.

The CerMark LMM6000 has been around for well over 15 years and has become the industry standard for marking metals. It is one of two general purpose laser marking inks and is widely used for creating black marks on a variety of metals. The LMM6000 has been specially created and designed to dry in a hard coat which can be handled prior to laser marking without rubbing off. This allows parts coated with it to be stacked moved and stored safely prior to laser marking.  It is good for a wide range of metals, and is especially recommended for marking stainless steel, as it makes the darkest and most durable marks on this substrate.

This was a brief overview of the main two methods, but of course there is much more to it. Call us now and we will advise you on the best choice of metal marking technology for your specific project. Artline Engraving Design is here for you!